Monday, October 09, 2006

The fall of Tacitus

One of the first political blogs I stumbled upon was Tacitus run by Josh Trevino. What I liked about it was the quality of the discussion, even if I mostly disagreed with the proprietor. I never got to participate much, what with me being in Norway, 6-9 hours ahead of everyone else. Most of the good discussions took place while I was sleeping and I came to them the next day with not much to add. But I read it, and still read it, regularly. And as little as I interacted with the folks over there, it came to feel like I knew them in some way.

Well, after four years, Tacitus is closing up shop, for whatever mysterious reason Mr. Trevino has. Luckily, the good folks over there are intent on continuing on, with a new site, a new name.

So, the good folks at Tacitus are choosing a new name for the new site. I offered up platosearwax as a joke, but somehow it got onto the list of names to vote for. It isn't winning. And it won't. But I would gladly have given my handle to the new Tacitus.

Meanwhile, I might start actually updating this thing, with more political stuff. And I am going to try to participate at the new Tacitus, whatever its name might be.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006